How protectors and innovators are helping to build a sustainable ocean economy

Building a sustainable ocean economy requires brave pioneers and ocean protectors. This month The Economist Group’s World Ocean Initiative launched a new season of The Protectors with Economist Films, supported by Blancpain. The series showcases the pioneering scientists, environmentalists and thinkers who are taking the lead in conserving the ocean.

The vital role of ocean protectors

The first episode looks at how mangroves can provide a solution to climate change, as well as improving the livelihoods of local people. Mangroves absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away in the soil. They also improve water quality and provide important habitats for fish. But only around half of the world’s mangroves remain. The film looks at a groundbreaking community conservation scheme in Kenya, where local people profit by selling carbon reduction credits, giving them a stake in protecting mangroves.

The World Ocean Initiative caught up with two marine conservationists featured in previous episodes of The Protectors to find out how they are continuing the fight to protect marine ecosystems from the Antarctic to the Mediterranean.

Bringing together ocean innovators and entrepreneurs

Further examples of innovative thinking are provided by the winners of our Women and the Ocean: Changemakers Challenge. The competition showcases leading female entrepreneurs who are working to develop business solutions to ocean-related sustainability challenges.

Examples of ocean innovation will be showcased at The Economist Events’ World Ocean Tech and Innovation Summit, which will be held in Halifax, Canada, on October 14th-15th 2020.

The inaugural Summit will convene 250 innovators, business leaders, investors, scientists and regulators over two days to showcase the latest innovations and technologies that hold huge potential to contribute to a sustainable ocean economy.

The World Ocean Initiative is looking for presentations and case studies that will share insight about new technologies and innovations that will enhance progress towards a more sustainable ocean economy. If you, or someone in your network, would like to submit a proposal, please follow the guidelines below. 

Please fill in this form with the following information:

  • 250-word summary of the presentation or case study’s aim and objectives
  • Information about a nominated presenter:
  1. Full job title and organisation 
  2. Contact details including email and phone number
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  4. 100-word summary of the presenter’s relevant expertise

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