Earth Day: Highlighting the importance of ocean ecosystems

Earth Day, celebrated every year on April 22nd, is dedicated to highlighting the importance of action to protect and restore ecosystems around the world. Ocean ecosystems are vital for a thriving planet. Governments and private-sector investors are increasingly keen to invest in seagrass meadows, mangrove swamps, tidal marshes and other important ocean ecosystems that reduce and store CO2 emissions.

However, more blue-carbon projects—projects that harness the Earth’s oceanic and coastal ecosystems—are needed to meet this growing demand. On Earth Day we recap recent World Ocean Summit sessions highlighting the importance of investing in ocean ecosystems.

Tackling plastic pollution

The World Ocean Summit also highlighted the need for better product design and recycling to curb plastic waste. About 11m tonnes of plastic enter the seas each year, and without drastic action this amount could nearly triple by 2040. Both consumers and businesses see tackling plastic pollution as their top priority for restoring ocean health, according to recent surveys by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

We are looking forward to discussing nature-based solutions to climate change and solutions to plastic pollution at our future events, including the upcoming World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific.

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