World Ocean Day: Panel on Blue Economy and Private-Sector Impact

June 8th marks World Ocean Day! The UN launched its second-ever fully digital edition of its event celebrating the 2021 theme, The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods.

The event started with opening remarks by the UN Secretary-General, followed by messages from the President of the General Assembly and others. The Economist Group’s World Ocean Initiative (WOI), whose World Ocean Summit set the scene for this year’s global ocean conversations in March, contributed to the event as a community partner. As head of WOI, I moderated a panel on “Blue Economy and Private-Sector Impact”.

The session discussed the blue economy and what it means for different industries, the evolution of blue-economy industries and opportunities, and the need for good ocean governance for blue-economy industries. Panellists included Amy Novogratz, co-founder and managing partner at Aqua-Spark; Elizabeth Petit Gonzalez, head of communications at the Sustainable Shipping Initiative; Ted Janulis, founder and principal at Investable Oceans; and Marisa Drew, chief sustainability officer and global head of sustainability strategy, Advisory and Finance at Credit Suisse.

Find out more about the event and how to watch it from the official UN World Ocean Day website:

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