Sustainability Week: Protecting and fostering the natural environment

It’s day three of The Economist Group’s Sustainability Week US! I am moderating a panel discussion on “Protecting and fostering the natural environment” from 1.15pm EDT, with National Park Foundation’s president and chief executive Will Shafroth; Nestlé’s head of sustainable sourcing Emily Johannes; and Rainforest Alliance’s director of global policy and coalitions Jeffrey Milder.

Biodiversity and nature are crucial topics. Rightfully there has been more focus, and there should be continued focus, on them. The recently published Dasgupta Review on the economics of biodiversity describes nature as “our most precious asset”. And The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) recently released a study showing that nature-loss and biodiversity issues are gaining more traction online than ever before—and that an eco-wakening is underway.

Conservation is an American tradition that creates and sustains economic opportunity and protects the plants, animals, and natural places that communities need to thrive. This session will examine what kind of investment is needed in the US and beyond to restore biodiversity, ensure better governance of the natural environment and build resilience.

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