Webinar: Achieving sustainable aquaculture

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest-growing food-production system, with enormous potential to provide sustainable, nutritious and safe food to a growing global population. However, the aquaculture industry must overcome challenges to ensure sustainability throughout the supply chain. Feed and farming processes have been under the spotlight in particular. Policymakers have an important role in ensuring the sustainable management of aquaculture and in boosting acceptance  of farmed fish among consumers.

I moderated this World Ocean Summit Insight Hour, which examined how to increase sustainability in aquaculture supply chains. It will highlight the role of retailers in influencing best-practice operations throughout the value chain. Speakers identified key steps for seafood processors, fish farmers, feed suppliers and technology developers as they scale production.


  • Helena Delgado Nordmann, marine lead and WWF partnership, Tesco
  • Alan Shaw, president, chief executive and co-founder, Calysta
  • Andreas von Scholten, chief executive, Barramundi Group

Key talking points:

  • How can retailers increase their impact on supply chains? 
  • How are aquaculture farmers achieving their sustainability goals as they scale their operations? 
  • What role can feed producers play in delivering sustainable, scalable supply? 
  • How can the aquaculture industry ensure collaboration on key goals throughout the supply chain? 
  • How are technology and innovation helping to make the industry more sustainable?

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On-demand link for registrants: https://bit.ly/3qLky1i

Full webinar video below:

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