Financing a sustainable ocean economy

If the ocean was a country, it would be the world’s seventh largest economy. The ocean presents opportunities for investment in areas like renewable energy, low-carbon transportation and sustainable food cultivation. At the same time, innovative new funding models are crucial to maintain healthy, thriving seas and support the coastal communities on the frontlines of climate change. 

The theme of our upcoming World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific in December is “investing in a blue economy.”  How can global leaders collaborate to shape a blue economy that is robust, circular and regenerative? 

Dive into the World Ocean Initiative’s latest coverage to learn about a range of blue finance initiatives that can help protect seascapes and marine habitats while setting the foundation for a thriving future ocean economy:

#BackBlue finance initiative launches before COP26
Karen Sack and Chip Cunliffe explore community-focused blue funding and discuss the brand new #BackBlue Ocean Finance Commitment. 
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Blended finance: turning the tide for a sustainable ocean economy
World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific speaker Adhiti Gupta, highlights innovative new blends of blue finance and urges collaboration across financial fields. 
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Filling the marine conservation funding gap
Nicolas Pascal, director of social enterprise Blue Finance and speaker at the World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific points out the underfunded state of our precious Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). 
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World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific: Investing in a blue economy; December 6th-10th 2021, virtual event
Join the conversation to discover new investment opportunities around aquaculture production, renewable energy, finance, fishing, plastics and shipping. Hear from over 100 global leaders, and network with 2,000 attendees over five days.

Speakers in the finance track will suggest how increased investment can be channelled towards blue projects. What are early-stage investors looking for? Will blended finance tip the scales? And what will attract mainstream investment?

View the agenda and find out more here.

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