Speaking at the World Biodiversity Summit, a COP26 side event

I spoke at the World Biodiversity Summit, a COP26 side event, in Glasgow on November 10th. It is crucial not to neglect the role of biodiversity in the global climate conversations.

Organised by the World Climate Foundation, the event featured a session on “Life Below Water – Harnessing The Blue Economy through Investment & Innovation”. My presentation was on “A Sustainable Ocean Economy in 2030: finance, governance and innovation”.

I was one of the keynote speakers alongside Dona Bertarelli, Special Adviser for the Blue Economy at UNCTAD; Daniel Fairweather, Executive Director – Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries at Gallagher; and Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries at the European Commission.

More details on the event here: https://www.worldbiodiversitysummit.org/glasgow

The full recording is below:

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