WOS APAC: Small Island Developing States —new challenges, new opportunities & harnessing the power of seaweed

It’s the fifth and final day of Economist Impact’s World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific. Join us for today’s great sessions.

I will be moderating two plenary panel discussions today, on: 1) Small Island Developing States (SIDS)—new challenges, new opportunities, and 2) Harnessing the power of seaweed.

For the SIDS session I will be joined by three excellent speakers:

• Dr Gatot Hari Gunawan, acting secretary-general, Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)

• Sabra Noordeen, special envoy for climate change, Maldives

• Simon Kofe, minister of justice, communication and foreign affairs, Tuvalu

Key talking points

SIDS are under duress from the increasing impacts of climate change and pollution. How are the Asia-Pacific’s SIDS countering these challenges and identifying new opportunities to prosper while focusing on ocean stewardship?

For the seaweed session I will be joined by the following three fantastic speakers:

• Fred Puckle Hobbs, chief operating officer, Sea Green

• Jo Kelly, chief executive, Australian Seaweed Institute

• Ronald Simbajon, director, Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines

Key talking points

Seaweed is a climate-friendly source of food and feed, and is also highly efficient at storing carbon. Asia is the global leader in seaweed production. How is Asia driving growth, to harness the power of seaweed to address food security concerns, restore abundance to the oceans and mitigate climate change?

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