Moderating at Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s flagship annual event

Tomorrow I will be moderating two sessions at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s flagship annual event on the circular economy, with this year’s event focusing on “Regenerative by Design”:

• an interview with Mauro Micillo, Chief of IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division, at Intesa Sanpaolo as part of the “Making the economics work” session; and

• a panel with Elisa Tonda, Head of Consumption & Production at the UN Environment Programme; John Duncan, No Plastic in Nature Lead at WWF; and Philippe Bonningue, Global Vice-President of Packaging & Circular Economy Stewardship at L’Oréal, as part of the “Design turns ambition into action” session.

The panel will be part of the live Circular Economy Show broadcast that can be viewed here.

The event brings together business leaders, policymakers, innovators and global changemakers to discuss how circular economy solutions, which are regenerative by design, are tackling some of the biggest global challenges we face today.

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