Moderating at Virtual Island Summit

On September 29th I moderated the session “How Can We Develop Blue Economy Opportunities?” at the Virtual Island Summit 2022, organised by Island Innovation. Following an opening keynote by Dr Keith Mitchell, former prime minister of Grenada, I was joined by Ruben Eiras, secretary-general of Fórum Oceano; Zaidy Afrin, SIDS SDG & blue economy researcher at the Blue Innovation Institute; Dr Shobna Shabnam, blue economy expert on islands; and Dr Ameer Ebrahim, head of Fisheries Management & Technical Fisheries at the Seychelles Fishing Authority. There was also an opportunity for attendees to submit their questions for the panel.

Watch the full session here:

You can find out more about the Virtual Island Summit here

Session description: The blue economy has become a major talking point for global islands seeking to maximise their natural resources sustainably. With nations developing their own blue economy opportunities in a range of industries, such as fisheries, shipping and tourism, the versatility and potential of local blue programmes is growing. Join this session to find out more about exciting projects being pioneered by islands.

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