Emissions-reduction targets approved

The Economist Group has had its emissions-reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative as consistent with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Our goal is to cut our greenhouse-gas emissions by at least 25% by 2025.

“We congratulate The Economist Group on setting science-based targets consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C, the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement,” said Alberto Carrillo Pineda, managing director, Science Based Targets at CDP, one of the Science Based Targets initiative partners. “By setting ambitious science-based targets grounded in climate science, The Economist Group is taking action to prevent the most damaging effects of climate change.”

The team around Emily Jackson-Kessler, SVP Sustainability, and her predecessor, Marina Haydn, has made this achievement possible. I am proud to be part of that team.

More on The Economist Group’s sustainability strategy can be found in its latest annual report.

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