• Host: Inside the Circle, a podcast series supported by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, covering the transition to circular plastics, food, fashion and cities, May 2022.

• Interviewee: Ocean Impact Podcast, How the Ocean Flows Through the UN SDGs with Martin Koehring, May 2023.

• Interviewee: Two the power of MORE, The Ocean – Big Business Tackling Climate Change, February 2023.

• Interviewee: Beyond Business with Wärtsilä, Why should we invest in the blue economy?, January 2023.

• Interviewee: IUCN’s Investing For Ocean Impact, Season 1, Episode 8: How banks and insurance companies can help Nature-based Solutions, February 2022.

• Interviewee: Therma’s Point 01 podcast, Martin Koehring of The Economist’s World Ocean Initiative, October 2020.

• Interviewee: The Peggy Smedley Show: Sustainability in the Seas, August 2020.