How to become a regenerative business

During London Climate Action Week last week I was part of The C Collective's "How to become a regenerative business" event. I was joined by fellow speakers and facilitators to explore the concept of regenerative business and how to transform yourself and your organisation thanks to actionable tools such as Three Horizons.

Blue Earth Forum puts Blue Economy on the agenda

During London Climate Action Week last week I spoke about the Blue Economy at the Blue Earth Forum (part of the Blue Earth Summit) that brings innovators and impact investors together. I was on a panel with Shruti Iyengar, Hanli Prinsloo and Francisco Saraiva Gomes talking about the intersection of marine conservation and industrial growth.

Ocean-Climate Nexus: The need for an Ocean Changemaker Mindset

The ocean was on the agenda at London Climate Action Week last week, but not nearly as much as it should be given its importance as the worlds largest carbon sink and a source of crucial climate solutions. I spoke about the Ocean Changemaker Mindset at the Ocean-Climate Nexus event at London Business School.