Martin Koehring is senior manager for sustainability, climate change and natural resources at Economist Impact (part of The Economist Group), where he leads sustainability-related policy and thought leadership projects in the EMEA region. He has directed Economist Impact projects in areas such as food sustainability, decarbonising technologies for cities, getting to net zero, the circular economy, ESG and real-world impact, electric vehicles, and advanced plastic recycling. He is also the editorial lead of The Sustainability Project and head of the World Ocean Initiative, inspiring bold thinking, new partnerships and the most effective action to build a sustainable ocean economy. His previous roles at The Economist Group, where he has been since 2011, include managing editor, global health lead and Europe editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Martin is a trustee of the New Economics Foundation (a think tank focusing on social, economic and environmental justice), a member of the Advisory Committee for the UN Environment Programme’s Global Environment Outlook for Business, a senior rapporteur at World Water Week, and a faculty member in the Food & Sustainability Certificate Program provided by the European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability. He earned a bachelor of economic and social studies in international relations from Aberystwyth University and a master’s degree in diplomacy and international relations from the College of Europe.

In addition to English and his native German, he also speaks Dutch, French and Italian.

Martin has been a Latin dancer since 2014, specialising in salsa and cha cha cha. He has performed with various dance teams (Caramelo, OtraDanz, Pexava) mainly in London and other parts of the UK but also globally (Amsterdam, Antalya, Marrakech, Berlin).