Giving a TEDx talk in Patras in December

On 9 December I will give a talk at TEDxPatras in Greece about how the shift to a just and regenerative mindset can help us to navigate the age of polycrisis.

Diagnosing the aquaculture system

I have been working with a multi-disciplinary team on diagnosing the aquaculture system, as part of a course called Basecamp by the School for Systems Change (a sister organisation of Forum for the Future). This infographic summarises some of our findings.

Speaking at Sustainable Foods London

I am looking forward to speaking about what a just and regenerative aquaculture system could look like at Sustainable Foods London next week. Sustainable Foods London focuses on tackling the key sustainability challenges that are affecting the Food and Drink Industry. The 3rd edition of Sustainable Foods London takes place on November 6th-7th 2023.