Diagnosing the aquaculture system

I have been working with a multi-disciplinary team on diagnosing the aquaculture system, as part of a course called Basecamp by the School for Systems Change (a sister organisation of Forum for the Future). This infographic summarises some of our findings.

I hosted this fieldwork challenge, and I was joined in the fieldwork team by Florença Fantinel, product designer UX, UI, design and branding; Jessica Ha, sustainability Lawyer and strategy consultant; Kunal Sharma, global strategic lead for energy at Forum for the Future; and Neil Taylor, sustainability consultant working with business and brands. The infographic was designed superbly by Stephanie Bickford- Smith.

I spoke about what a just and regenerative aquaculture system could look like at Sustainable Foods London London in November 2023. My presentation is below:

More on the ocean economy: