How could ocean innovation accelerate sustainable development by 2030?

My article on ocean innovation has been published as part of “Horizon 2030”, a new report from the global ESG innovation platform Springwise, which outlines seven key drivers of sustainable change from now until the end of the decade. You can download it here.

Ocean-related innovations hold huge potential to address global environmental challenges such as climate change, nature loss, and pollution, by 2030 and beyond. Particularly promising innovations include those around seaweed and its numerous applications (not just as food but also in feed, agricultural fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bio-plastics, and biofuel), fish feed and carbon removal.

However, technological innovation is not a panacea. In order to build a just and regenerative future, more than technology will be required. Businesses will need to apply a ‘courage to transform’ mindset that aligns the purpose of business to contribute to solving a range of ecological and social challenges.

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