Speaking about financing source to sea at World Water Week in Stockholm

I‘m attending World Water Week in Stockholm this week. Today I will be speaking as part of the talk show “From words into action: Financing from source to sea”. I will be joined by Ruth Mathews, senior manager at SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute) and coordinator of the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management (S2S Platform), as well as moderator Eric Paglia of KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

The source-to-sea approach identifies the linkages between land, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems, and stimulates cooperation between upstream and downstream actors and coordination between sectors and countries. In this talk show we will discuss how to move from ambition to actually financing and taking concrete actions that incorporate source-to-sea thinking in project design, evaluation and implementation. I will draw on key insights from recent research programmes by Economist Impact and the World Ocean Initiative.

👉From words to action: Financing from source to sea. More information here

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