The top 5 sustainability and climate trends to watch in 2023

A new year – a new opportunity to build momentum for a strong sustainability agenda. In a new blog post for Economist Impact’s Sustainability Project, I highlight the top 5 sustainability and climate trends to watch in 2023, and why stronger collaboration will be required to accelerate progress this year.

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• Net Zero & Energy: The recent focus on scope 3, carbon credits and carbon removal is set to accelerate.

• Resilience & Adaptation: There will be further progress on loss and damage and the global adaptation goal.

• Circular Economies: There will be momentum on tackling plastic and chemical pollution.

• Ecosystems & Resources: A new global biodiversity framework will set the stage for rising global scrutiny and collaboration on nature.

• Social Sustainability: The cost-of-living crisis intensifies, but offers opportunities for more-inclusive climate action.

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