Moderating sessions on value chains at edie 24

I’m looking forward to hosting the “Scope 3 emissions and data management” session at the edie 24 event in London on Thursday. Among other things, I’ll be chairing a panel on “Unlocking the power of supply chains for deep decarbonisation”, with

• Saif Hameed, Founder & CEO, Altruistiq ‘

• Sam de Frates, Vice President, Procurement, Mars Wrigley 

• Danielle D’Silva, Head of Sustainability, 

The panel will explore how to develop, set and evaluate supplier engagement targets; set clear expectations and strategically engage with suppliers to drive action; and deal with ‘disengaged’ suppliers on the path to net zero.

Andy Griffiths, Head of Sustainable Procurement, Diageo will present the “Scope 3 spotlight: Identification, measurement and analysis”, which will focus on collecting and managing Scope 3 data – The do’s and don’ts; iIdentifying the material areas of your value chain to focus on; and what data should you be collecting and how to ensure it’s reliable.

And in the final part of the session Alison Nuttall, Head of Operations, Sustainability, JLR will present the “Scope 3 spotlight: Action, engagement and reporting”, focusing on what good governance on Scope 3 looks like; using emissions data to drive internal engagement and behaviour change; and tools and frameworks to shaping your emissions reporting strategy.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the event!

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