International Day of Clean Energy: REI Philippines launched by Forum for the Future

Recognising the need for urgent transformative action, Forum for the Future is launching the Responsible Energy Initiative in the Philippines (REI Philippines) – a multi-year, consortium-driven programme that aims to maximise renewable energy’s potential in the country.

Joining Forum for the Future as its new Global Director of Impact

Thrilled to join the international sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future as its new Global Director of Impact. For 25 years Forum has been working in partnership with business, governments and civil society to accelerate transformation to a just and regenerative future. Forum is internationally recognised for its approach to driving systems change.

WOS APAC: Building momentum for offshore wind in Asia & The Economist’s debrief on COP26 and the ocean

It's Day Four of Economist Impact's World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific. Join us for today's fantastic sessions. I will be moderating two sessions today: 1) a panel discussion in the Energy track on building momentum for offshore wind in Asia-Pacific, and 2) The Economist’s debrief on COP26 and the ocean.

Speaking at EV World Congress: How ready is the UK for the switch to EVs?

Today I’m at the EV World Congress in Bristol to present and discuss the key findings of the rEV Index, produced by Economist Impact and supported by BP. I shared the stage with Akira Kirton, CEO at BP Pulse.

Spotlight on ocean energy on World Energy Day

October 22nd marked World Energy Day. The quest for energy has always been a balancing act between the benefits and costs of creation or extraction, storage, transportation and waste disposal. As populations have grown, humans have searched for new energy sources. Wave, tidal and wind energy are now part of the green energy mix.

Innovation is at the heart of building a sustainable ocean economy

In a guest article for Innovation News Network I examine how Innovation is crucial to both harness the opportunities a sustainable ocean economy can offer and address the risks that ocean degradation poses. Innovative solutions include ocean energy, the decarbonisation of shipping, aquaculture, ecosystem restoration and ‘blue carbon’, ocean geoengineering, and blue finance.