Getting to Net-Zero: New project launch

Whether managing climate risk or seizing new opportunities in the green recovery, companies are becoming increasingly focused on the environmental footprint of their operations, and a growing number are setting ambitious net-zero targets. This means committing to removing from the atmosphere the same amount of greenhouse gases that they generate. But making pledges is one thing; actually meeting net-zero goals can prove a complex and Herculean task.

I am delighted to announce the launch of a new project by The Economist Intelligence Unit that I led, Getting to Net-Zero, sponsored by HSBC. To assess the progress of companies towards net-zero emissions and other decarbonisation targets, and to understand how they are tackling roadblocks along the way, we conducted a survey of 500 global business leaders from a variety of sectors and from small, medium-sized and large companies in March 2021, conducted a literature review and in-depth interviews and convened an advisory board of experts to discuss the research.

The Getting to Net-Zero website includes an analysis of the ten most pressing pain points for businesses and the key actions required for net-zero plans to be successful, complemented by case studies and business leader blogs.


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