Decarbonisation can overhaul the shipping industry

World Maritime Day is celebrated in September to focus attention on the importance of shipping and other maritime activities. It provides an opportunity to reflect on how the shipping industry can play a critical role in leveraging ‘greener’ innovations towards solving decarbonisation challenges.

The innovations and policy changes include the establishment of ‘green corridors’, green fuels, and plans towards net-zero emissions by 2050.

As September also marks World Tourism Day, we examine the latest trends in the shift to sustainable tourism. Finally, we take a look back at the international negotiations for a new UN treaty to protect the high seas that took place last month.

Recent coverage on the World Ocean Initiative:

Decarbonising shipping one bite at a time through “green corridors”
Not only ship design and engineering, but the entire supply chain of shipping must undergo a revamp. Find out how decarbonisation is overhauling the shipping industry through scalable solutions. 
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Future of the high seas hangs in the balance
International negotiations for a new UN treaty to protect the high seas failed to reach agreement in August 2022. However, there’s still room for optimism towards finalising talks in the next few months.
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Decarbonisation of shipping: the challenges of getting into action
The key question for the shipping industry is no longer “Must the shipping sector decarbonise or not?” but rather “How much and at what speed?”.
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Can a holiday help deliver on global goals?
Holidays have a growing negative impact as they contribute to roughly 8% of greenhouse-gas emissions. However, adopting patterns of sustainable consumption and production in the tourism industry can be the real gamechanger.
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Green fuel for a blue future: the shipping industry’s shift towards decarbonisation
The shipping industry will need a robust regulatory framework to meet the industry’s existing target of reaching net zero by 2050.
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From the Initiative’s partners:

Back to Blue
Video: The Invisible Wave
An Economist Impact film highlights how chemicals, vital to modern life, are exerting a negative impact on our oceans and ourselves. 
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Virtual Island Summit 2022
Martin Koehring, head of the World Ocean Initiative, will moderate a session on How Can We Develop Blue Economy Opportunities? at the Virtual Island Summit 2022.
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The Walrus
How the UK Is Winning the Race against Climate Change
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Latin Trade
Actions required to channel billions into the Amazon Basin: Roberto Waack
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